Thursday, September 30, 2010

reality based on reality

I spent a lot of time away from Ka'u in September. A week or more. It gave me a bit of distance on my favorite place. One thing that struck me was how little cognitive dissonance I experience here. I feel fairly OK about the terms of reality, even in this hellacious drought. Droughts happen, even the mother-of-all-droughts happen. It makes sense to me. Sharp contrast to last weekend at a conference at Ko'olina - the resort with a view of an industrial park. I found the presence of the industrial park comforting actually. Industrial parks are not pretty, but at least they're honest. Resorts - even the most tastefully done, culturally sensitive, native-specie adorned resort - make me slightly nauseous. They're just so fake. The fact that you can get a locally grown salad and creme brulee delivered to your room at any time of the night doesn't begin to make up for the alienation of being in an overly-constructed environment. For me, anyway. So, some people are anti-GMO, I'm even more fussy. I want the world to make sense.

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