Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My “Imagine”

Imagine this: that we loved energy more than we loved things.

That we could see the luminescent and invisible dance of energy through our lives,

And this was our great delight and reward.

Imagine that we treasured life above gold and silver, above possessions and security;

And that we treasured death as the transformation of life into energy.

Imagine that we renounced power, renounced control, renounced wealth,

And sought to make free and joyful lives for ourselves and all other beings.

Imagine that we left behind the manipulation of money as a pointless, circular game;

That we understood mindless success as a destroyer of life;

Imagine that, above all else, we sought to understand and to nurture the jeweled network of life:

The dance of people, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, all the invisible ones;

That we valued machines as tools to a radiant planet, not as ends in themselves;

Saw ourselves as citizens of nature and stewards of life on earth, not as consumers.

Imagine that our greatest achievements as people would be a richer, more finely balanced planet;

That our greatest glory was to bring back life into our dead places;

That always before us was the vision of a beloved place, a beloved country, a beloved world.

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