Wednesday, September 13, 2017

George Helm

Nohealani Kaʻawa in testimony supporting the preservation of Waikapuna quoting George Helm at the PONC (Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resouces) Commission:

A native Hawaiian man can sit on a spot at the beach and feel the ocean and the wind and sky and sense their ancestors there in that place with them, and know that they must care for the place so that their descendants can also experience these things.

A Western man will sit in the exact same place and say: “How can I make this work for me?”

(my paraphrase)
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D Kelly said...

Love it. Very telling. Yet, I am of Irish descent, and I sit in the same spot and think, "How can I fit in here" "How can I support the aina".

mgalimba said...

Maybe the more accurate way to put it would be: the western side of us...which we need to get under control.

thanks for commenting!