Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The best things about my life are not-things. I've chosen the life that I have -which is a pretty weird life compared to the average - because I can't live without those not-things. When I tell people that I live in Ka'u I often get this look of disbelief, because it is the no-where of no-where, the extreme boonies. But damn my life is so rich, I almost can't take it sometimes, and it is the stuff in Ka'u that makes it so rich. It's the community and when I say community it's just the closest English equivalent to something that tangles much deeper. It's the spirit of the land that is like endless music in the heart. It's the nothingness that lives.
Sometimes I think about trying to get other people to understand Ka'u and I feel like I have to create content to get people's attention - products, events, stories. But it's really missing the point. Ka'u is not about the content, it's about the anti-content. It's about that feeling that you'd be happy to spend the rest of your life, and several more lifetimes, if you had them, just trying to understand Ka'u. That it would take all your brains, heart, creativity and strength. That it would leave you weather-worn but complete. And that the best part of it would be way beyond words.

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