Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm feeling very optimistic about the new year and the new decade which I've decided starts now, rather than a year ago. 2010 was the end of what we will call the George W. Bush decade (pace Obama) and look upon with wonder and a twinge of embarassment for decades to come. We have a saying in the horse-training world (where there is a high and immediate cost in physical pain for bad decision-making): "Good judgement comes with experience. Where does experience come from??? Bad judgement." So let's get on with it now that we tried all that and saw how it worked out for us. :)

I began the new year with a websearch (aren't we humans great, we have websearches!) which led me eventually to the concept of the Eco-village and it occurred to me that I don't live in an economically depressed rural backwater - I live in an eco-village. Well, really, an eco-district. Sure we all drive around in trucks that gobble diesel, use LPG, and have high rates of unemployment and drug use. I didn't say we were angels. But we have a thriving community spirit, close-knit 'ohana, mad gathering, hunting, and fishing skills, and an intense connection to our beautiful, tough, magnificent Aina. Ka'u has soul.

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