Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boots, Culture

Wore through another pair of my favorite cowboy boots - Olathe Muleskinners - yesterday.  These lasted me about 4 years.  I used to wear through a pair a year, I was cowgirl-ing so hard.  Actually these could have lasted a couple more years if there was a shoe repair shop on the island.  I send a pair like this to Drew's Boots in Oregon to be re-heeled.  They told me they were beyond repair.  The thing is they are still pretty much water-tight.

It occurred to me this morning that we don't have any kind of energy crisis, food crisis, water crisis.  We just have a heck of a culture crisis.  We adapted our culture to cheap energy.  Now we are going to have to re-adapt.  I'm sure we will bitch, moan, and fight every step of the way.  But material reality does not change; we have to.  And my god, it's not like the culture we have now is all that perfect.  A less wantonly industrial culture will be quite a relief to most people and to the planet.

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