Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doing It

Rode hard for four days last week.   Blissful, punishing. On Wednesday we moved herds, on Thursday we sorted cows that had gotten mixed up and moved them back into their proper pastures, Friday we walked 400 mama cows and calves 3 miles to new pasture, Saturday we had a little branding -- 125 calves or so, lots of British Whites.    On Sunday I cleaned tack and in the late afternoon rode some of my young horses that are not quite ready for the high pressure situations that come up routinely in ranch work.
Yesterday, Monday,  did Honolulu, a farm-to-table demo with Chef Mark Noguchi and farmer Shin Ho for the American Farm Bureau annual convention. Met Andy Tranh and Amanda Corby.    Mark broke down a short-plate on stage, which is a little bit like mud-wrestling only with tallow.

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