Saturday, January 7, 2012

culture cont.

I repeat myself, I realize.  But perhaps the best kind of thought is the one that comes back.  That circles the  words that it is trying to herd into the light like a sheep-dog. 
The so-called soft disciplines of culture go much deeper than we grasp at this point.
We have valorized the engineers and the economists, the financier and the venture capitalist, the scientist and the system analyst, the statician and the adminstrator for so many long years. 
We defined what was serious by its dollar value.  Then we systematically destroyed the values that gave the dollar its value.  Now we don't know what to do.
More grieviously we don't even know why anymore.
The why never was something that you could just say and be done with, like the ubiquitous mission statement.
Why was where you came from, who you loved, the beloved horizon where your dreams and fears lived, the possibility of a world made by your own hands.

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Ager Pelagus said...

Beautiful, but as one of the aforementioned scientists I must admit that I don't feel particularly valorized. If anything I feel that reason and impiricism are loosing their tenuous grip on existence. The earth is 6 billion years old. We are maybe 200,000. Scientific reason is what, 500 years old at best? A mere blip on a geological, much less cosmic, scale. And yet, after looking for a moment at the website of any major news outlet (particularly the comment streams) one can't help but feel that reason's days are numbered. And it was so young, with so much potential...