Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, Ranch Life

This year started very auspiciously with my father's annual New Year's Eve Party -- lots of family and friends in my parent's garage, lots of kids setting off fireworks, lots of huli-huli pig.  We played Texas Hold'um for brass rivets and laughed at each other.  The New Year came, we were all a bit amazed to still be awake, hugged each other, helped to clean up, and went sleepily into the new year.
Yesterday we had a branding.  We worked about 125 calves - vaccination, castration, and worming.  It is probably the worst minute of a cow's life, but it is all done for good reasons and as quickly as possible.  Then they go straight back with their mothers.  We had a skeleton crew so the ranch kids really had to pitch in, which is a satisfying thing to see, the next generation hard at work.  My father roped calves on Kualii, my brother's black Apaloosa, and roared encouragement at the kids.  It was so hot that no one had an appetite for lunch for a long while after we were done.  In the afternoon a great bank of cloud rolled in from the east and mist raced across the mountain pastures.  My puppies got lost, and then I found them.  In the night it rained.
Today I replaced the tire that I shredded last week driving the flat-bed.  That was a bit of a wreck.  I still need to get the fuel line re-attached properly, that and the driver side mud flap. Everyone who saw the tire was impressed.  The guy at Lex Brodie's said, "Ho, you no fut aroun'!"

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