Monday, January 16, 2012


That is ranch life.  The day before yesterday I spent the entire day saddling colts.  Today, blessedly, it is raining.  I celebrate by gathering electronic and paper documents for our annual workman's comp audit. Click, click, click, scan, convert, download, send.  Resend.  Usually I turn Pandora on to get through the robot dimension. "God Doesn't Take American Express."
My daughter and I have decided that there are a lot of similarities between Pomeranians and I Pads.  They are both amusing, clever little pets.You buy them so that you can take them around and show all your friends.  You buy them cute  and expensive costumes and accessories.   Marketing genius. 
I have a lap-top.  It's not so cute.  It's more like a hound dog.

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